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All About Service, located in Everett, has more than 10 years of professional experience working all over King and Snohomish Counties. All About Service is an owner/ operated company. Let Mario provide you with exceptional service. We clean roofs, gutters, pressure wash driveways, and patios. All About Window cleaning also cleans skylights and sky windows. If your home's exterior and hardscape need a cleanup, All About Service is your company. Our friendly staff, prompt and courteous service, and great prices are why we have many, many repeat customers.

It's All About the Corners

Did you know that window cleaning is all about the corners? Yep. Cleaning the corners of windows is the thing that takes all the time. It takes work and effort. Cleaning large or small panes of glass is quick and effortless, but the corners get you. If you want to know if a cleaner is doing a good job, examine the corners.

Count Your Corners

If you want an idea of how much window cleaning will cost you, you need to count the corners. That is how window cleaning pricing is done (residential). Be careful how you count. First remember to count both the inside and the outside. Also, be careful not to count fake corners. Many windows have framing sandwiched between the two layers of glass. They make a single pane window look like 6 panes. Even though it looks like a lot of corners, there are still only 4 real corners and one pane of glass.

Your Home Can be 20% Brighter

Clean windows will impress your friends and family. They will make the view of your surroundings much more pleasant. They will eliminate dispersion and flaring. But did you know they will make your home brighter and more pleasant?

Doing Everett window cleaning will actually improve the light into your home and combat the winter blues that the Pacific Northwest is famous for. If for no other reason than to improve your mental health and get more blue rays into your daily routine, you should clean your windows regularly. We can help. Call us now.

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