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All About Service, located in Everett, has more than 10 years of professional experience working all over King and Snohomish Counties. All About Service is an owner/ operated company. Let Mario provide you with exceptional service. We clean roofs, gutters, pressure wash driveways, and patios. All About Window cleaning also cleans skylights and sky windows. If your home's exterior and hardscape need a cleanup, All About Service is your company. Our friendly staff, prompt and courteous service, and great prices are why we have many, many repeat customers.

A Better Looking Home

Sometimes it is hard to tell when you need pressure washing. Driveways and walkways look ok. They are just dark and maybe a little mottled. They seem ok. What you do not realize is just how fantastic they will look once cleaned. The difference is there. The impact is large. It is just hard to recognize until you do it. It is kind of like washing your car. Looks ok but then after washing it just shines. Same with your concrete surfaces. They build up with black algae that forms a uniform dull film. Clean it off and your hardscape pops.

Algae or Moss, We Do It All

Algae loves to grow in Everett and the Pacific Northwest. There are many varieties of algae that range from dark brown to bright green. They are carried on the wind and can lodge just about anywhere. The right conditions help them multiply. Pressure washing is a great way to remove them from decks, concrete and siding. They are basically blasted off the surface. Since they are a natural component of the air around us, they will of course come back and re-establish themselves. On some surfaces, like concrete, treatments and sealers can be applied to help. Sealing concrete removes cracks and crevices where water to pool and algae spores can take hold. When all is said and done, however, periodic pressure washing Everett homes is the best way to keep them looking their best.

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