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Over 10 Years of Trust in your Everett Gutter Cleaning Company

All About Service, located in Everett, has more than 10 years of professional experience working all over King and Snohomish Counties. All About Service is an owner/ operated company. Let Mario provide you with exceptional service. We clean roofs, gutters, pressure wash driveways, and patios. All About Window cleaning also cleans skylights and sky windows. If your home's exterior and hardscape need a cleanup, All About Service is your company. Our friendly staff, prompt and courteous service, and great prices are why we have many, many repeat customers.

Keep Your Fascia and Soffits in Good Condition

Often times, gutters that are clogged result in water running over the backside of the gutter trough. The water can find its way behind the fascia board (the vertical board just behind the gutter itself) and onto the soffit (the horizontal board behind and under the gutters found on many houses). The water runs inside where the these board are bare and not painted. It soaks into the wood and ultimately results in wood rot and failure of the wood. In extreme cases the water finds its way behind the siding resulting in siding rot and interior structural damage. Regular gutter cleaning keeps water from damning and running behind the soffit and fascia.

Don't Undermine Your Foundation

When water runs over the gutters it also runs straight down the face of the home directly above the foundation. It would not seem that rain could actually erode a foundation but if you think about it you might reach a different conclusion. Everett receives an average of 38 inches of rain a year. An average home's roof drains 8,000 inches a year, or 38 gallons of water per year for every inch of roof line!

Poor drainage can erode a foundation to the point of failure. Make certain your gutters are draining properly and that the system is draining away from the house. learn more...

Not Just Free Flowing, But Good Looking

Unlike most Everett gutter cleaning companies, we can not only clean the interior of your gutters as well. Clean, shining gutters go a long way to enhancing the beauty of your home, why not make your gutters spic n span at the same time you unclog them? Call us for a free quote.

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Mario, Owner

All About Service, Inc. is a family owned and run company proud to serve King and Snohomish County. Our primary goal is to offer experienced professional gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing as well as other cleaning and maintenance services. Our staff is timely, efficient, careful, detail-oriented and friendly as well as professional. Customer service is a top priority and we have references available on request.

Please let our crew provide you with the best service. give us a call today to see how we can help you!

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